GeneSys Online Tutorial

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GeneSys Online Tutorial
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GeneSys Online is an advanced psychometric testing system that allows registered users to administer tests or appraisals over the internet. GeneSys Online hosts a wide range of features, allowing you to administer the many tests in a way that best suits your circumstances.

This tutorial serves to demonstrate and explain the key features of GeneSys Online, and offers many demonstrations of its use.


New Online Features

New Style Reports

All GeneSys Online reports are being overhauled. New and updated reports are now being added to the system regularly.

Email Templates

GeneSys Online now allows you to create email templates that are HTML enabled. These templates can then be assigned to any session, without the need to re-type them every time.

Bulk Emailing Functions

GeneSys online now allows users to email invitations from multiple sessions at once, making bulk testing far easier. It is also possible to automatically send invitation reminders to respondents that have not completed their assessment.


Now there is no need to verify, just iSupervise. With iSupervise you can administer ALL available tests remotely and be 100% certain who has completed the test.
Last Updated on Friday, 29 October 2010 14:18

GeneSys Online Tutorial